Technology of the Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Pens have unique design characteristics making them far better writing instruments compared to conventional ball point pens. The Fisher Space Pen is manufactured to ultra-high precision manufacturing tolerances of both the ball point and socket. The ink of a Fisher Space Pen is fed to the ball point by gas pressure permitting the Fisher Pens to write in any position. The Fisher Space Pen refills are completely closed which means that a Fisher Space Pen will never dry out. The estimated shelf life of the Fisher Pens and Fisher Space Pen refills are more than 100 years!

The replaceable Fisher Space Pen refill cartridges are pressurized at nearly 50 pounds per square inch. This means that ink is continuously fed to the tungsten carbide ball, allowing the user to write at any angle and under any condition. Because the Fisher Pens use a pressurized cartridge, there was a need to develop special ink. The Fisher Space Pen uses visco-elastic ink, with a consistency similar to that of very thick rubber cement. The Fisher Space Pen ink flows as a result of the shearing action of the rolling ball in its socket. This shearing action liquefies the solid gel thixotropic ink, allowing the Fisher Space Pen to write smoothly and dependably in a vacuum, at any angle, underwater, over grease, in hot and cold temperatures and even under water.

When using a Fisher Space Pen and Fisher Space Pen refills evaporation, wasted ink and back leakage are eliminated. The shelf-life of a Fisher Space Pen and Fisher Space Pen refills are increased to an estimated 100 years. The Fisher Space Pens and Fisher Space Pen refills write anywhere, any time. Guaranteed!

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